Nordmann Fir


Easy-care, great needle retention, soft, dark foliage.

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With its easy-care credentials, it is no wonder the Nordmann Fir Britain’s best-selling real Christmas tree. Soft, luxuriant foliage makes it child and pet-friendly, while its shape tends to be quite symmetrical. It has glossy forest-green needles and great needle retention – meaning that it lasts very well.

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3-4ft (90-120cm), 4-5ft (120-150cm), 5-6ft (150-180cm), 6-7ft (180-210cm), 7-8ft (210-240cm), 8-9ft (240-270cm), 9-10ft (270-300cm), 10-12ft (300-360cm), 12-13ft (360-390cm), 14ft (420cm)

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