Tree care

Top Tips

Choosing and Enjoying your Tree

Your Christmas celebrations create memories that last a lifetime and we want to make sure you have the best tree for your family Christmas. Follow our top tips and you’ll have a tree that you are proud of from the moment you leave our farm.
  1. Buying your tree: Where possible, buy your tree from a Christmas tree grower who is a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. All Natural Christmas Tree Co. trees are grown according to their requirements, this means you can be assured of the quality and freshness of your tree.
  2. Choosing your tree: When choosing your tree, pick the healthiest looking one. It needs to have dark green needles, there shouldn’t be any looking dull or dried up. Branches should also look strong.
  3. When do you want to put your tree up: Think about when you want to put your tree up. If you want it on display for a month or more then the low-drop trees such as the Nordmann Fir are best. A Norway Spruce shouldn’t be bought before the second week of December.
  4. Acclimatisation: Leave your tree outside your house or in the garage so it can get used to the warmer conditions. This is especially important if the weather is particularly cold.
  5. Keep it watered: As soon as you get your tree home, cut off the bottom 5cm. A layer of sap will have formed on the end of your tree which will prevent it taking in water. If you are unsure, we are always happy to help and can do this before you leave the farm.
    Remember to use a water-holding stand for your tree when you get it home. Keep the water topped up daily and where possible, keep your tree away from direct heat.
  6. Decorate  and Enjoy!